Swimming is an effective training of the cardiovascular system while being easy on the joints. In water the bodyweight is reduced, which removes pressure from the joints and eases movement. This is crucial for people with impairments, as they rely on alternative methods of exercise. Additionally the resistance of the water assists in strengthening the muscles, which leads to an improvemed general fitness and range of motion.

An accessible swimming pool allows people with impairments a safe and independent access to activities in the water. Here are our measures for an accessible swimming pool:


Disabled parking spaces close to the entrance ease the access to the swimming pool. Those parking spaces are wide enough to allow entering and exiting of the vehicle.

Accessible entrances

A stepless access to the swimming pool is essential. Manual doors that are easy to open facilitate the entering of wheelchairs and people with impaired strength. The whole checkout area as well as the whole swimming pool are accessible.

Equipment and aids

Our ceiling lift "Molift Nomad" with a maximum capacity of 205 kg allows great flexibilty in our dressing cabins and can be used by instructed personnel for assistance.

Wheelchairs designed for water access are available. Specialized swimming aids as well as floating devices assist people with impaired mobility with swimming and can be obtained from the local supervisor.

Sanitary facilities

Wheelchair-accessible changing cabins offer enough space for maximum maneuverability. Accessible toilets and showers are equipped with handles and chairs to ensure necessary assistance and security. A wide nursing table and changing closets as well as mirrors are also available.

Basin area

Access to the water is made available through shallow entrances and slopes. For the deeper area our lifter "PandaPool" is available. Wide doors and hallways allow a barrier-free access in and out of the water so that all guests can reside independently inside the swimming area

Security measures

Alarm and emergency systems accessible for people with impairments ensure that in case of an emergency help can be provided quickly.


Our personell is available in case of questions or the need for assistance.

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