Classic partial and full-body massage – harmony

This massage technique releases tension and boosts the circulation. You will experience a lasting sense of lightness and total well-being. For the intensive partial body massage, you can choose from a back, arm, foot or leg massage.

Duration Price
25 min (partial body) 35.00 €
50 min (full-body) 67.00 €

Foot pressure point massage – grounding

All the organs, muscles and bodily functions have corresponding reflex zones on the feet. They are linked via the life energy streams. Exerting pressure on the reflex zones of the feet has a positive effect on the corresponding organs and areas of the body. Blockages can be released and the immune system boosted.

Duration Price
45 min 59.00 €

Cupping massage – intense stimulation

Special cups are used to release intensive, stubborn tension and adhesions in the connective tissue. This technique is highly recommended if conventional massage techniques have not brought the desired improvement. Bruising may occur in the treated area; this is due to the nature of the tissue.

Duration Price
25 min 37.00 €

Sand stamp massage – slowing down

Just relax ...! A combined back / sand stamp massage awaits. Long-lasting, intensively warming sand stamps effectively release tension and adhesions in the highly stressed muscles of the shoulders and neck.

Duration Price
45 min 59.00 €

Sports massage – firm but effective

This massage releases muscular stiffness and tension effectively and lastingly. We recommend this massage technique to loosen the body after sporting activities and to regenerate muscles that have been working hard.

Duration Price
25 min (e.g. legs, after running) 39.00 €
50 min 75.00 €

Cupping massage with honey – sweet temptation

This sweet and yet extremely intensive partial massage boosts the circulation, and harmonises and stimulates the nervous and immune systems. The antiseptic properties of the honey have a healing effect on the skin and provide additional nourishment. Honey can also help to eliminate old toxins and waste products from the tissue. The benefits of honey for the skin have been known since Hippocrates' time.

Duration Price
25 min (back) 39.00 €

Relaxing massages

Aromatic oil massage – calming

Escape from everyday life and enjoy a relaxing and calming feel-good massage. Choose your favourite from a selection of essential oils. Enjoy a gentle massage experience with lasting benefits that will activate and stimulate your various senses.

Duration Price
25 min (partial body) 38.00 €
50 min (full-body) 73.00 €
75 min (full-body massage including head and face) 108.00 €

Anti-stress massage – transported to a pleasant place

Let yourself go as you relax into this massage. You will receive a deepacting hot wrap (for the neck or lumbar region) along with a foot and lower leg massage, hand and arm massage, shoulder/neck/head massage and a back massage that will help you to forget about the daily grind.

Duration Price
50 min 74.00 €

Chocolate massage – a different chocolate experience

Experience sweet, sensuous relaxation with warm chocolate! This stroking massage with warm cocoa butter and vegetable oils provides the skin with proteins and moisture to leave it feeling well-nourished and soft.

Duration Price
25 min (back) 38.00 €
50 min (full-body) 74.00 €

Head and Face Massage – freewheeling

Simply switch off and dream! Let your thoughts roam freely while your face and head are massaged with fragrant hot oil.

Duration Price
25 min 35.00 €

Hot stone massage – the power of stones

Escape the here and now! Feel how the hot basalt stones and warm almond oil help your body to achieve a long-lasting feeling of well-being. This type of massage helps to relieve muscular tension and tightness.

Duration Price
35 min (back) 56.00 €
70 min (full-body) 104.00 €

Honey massage – sweet moment

Increase your well-being! Honey contains many important and healthy ingredients that directly penetrate deep into your skin through the pores and have a positive effect on your entire body. Circulation is improved and the whole organism is vitalized, cleaned and strengthened. In addition, honey cleans the skin and has a soothing and relaxing effect.

Duration Price
25 Min. 39.00 €
50 Min. 74.00 €

Lomi Lomi Massage – flowing movements

This Hawaiian massage helps the body to free itself from stressful energies. You will be able to enjoy a dynamic massage technique alternating with slow and careful massaging. The masseur will not only use his hands but his entire forearm for the massage. An exceptional massage technique resolving muscle tenseness and stress and you will experience a unique form of relaxation.

Duration Price
35 min (partial body back) 52.00 €
90 min (full-body) 125.00 €

Sound bowl massage

Treat yourself to this very special treatment.
The vibrations of the singing bowls spread throughout your body and ensure a deep sense of well-being, while the sound of these special bowls harmonises your body and mind and releases new energy. Strengthen your body awareness and activate your self-healing powers.

Duration Price
45 min 59.00 €

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