Tabokiri - The jungle island for children

H2O Herford has lots to offer for kids: as well as two spectacular water slides and a whitewater channel, there’s also the lure of Tabokiri jungle island.

Tabokiri - Jungle Island for Children

This unique Caribbean adventure world consists of a 400 sqm jungle with two water slides, a diving grotto, an old wooden sailboat, a temple with a waterfall, water cannons, a wobbly suspension bridge and many other jungle attractions. There are also lots of strange animals and plants to marvel at. You can discover an ancient temple and observe many exotic fish in a diving grotto.

water temperature approx. 32°C
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Ship Ahoy!

Children experience exciting adventures as explorers on Tabokiri. Lots of puzzles and secrets await in this unique water play area. Here the little ones can romp and splash in the water. There is a lot to discover.

Our team ensures the safety of your children and your well-being.

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Karlos Beach

Those who are still too small for a day in the jungle can splash around together with their parents in the separate children's area. In this water playground with a small slide and numerous water toys and attractions, the very little ones experience how much fun water can be in the safe shallow pool.

water temperature approx. 36°C
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