The saunas of the H2O

From a refreshing -10°C in the Lumikide via the comforting steam bath at 45°C to the 100°C hot Saari sauna - the H2O sauna world offers a unique experience with its 11 classic saunas and the Lumikide.


A showroom with varied, musically accompanied infusions. The Vaikutus with its built-in gneisses and barrel roof is not only visually appealing. High-quality lighting and sound technology also has a lot to offer and provides special effects with music, plays of light, ground fog, lasers and black light.


Due to exercise and preparation phases, it can happen that this is temporarily closed for a short time.

sauna temperature approx. 75°C
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Discover a fascinating journey at the Vesitorni tower. Inside there is a 320° panorama with films of the dream beaches of the Algarve, the Yosemite National Park and other great sceneries! You are sitting in a relaxing way, your feet are swinging in the water and a water play is inspiring you. We invite you to linger with a self-designed water and light play.

sauna temperature approx. 60°C
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Terra – Sauna

Experience the elements: Fire, water, earth and air as well as a composition of different fragrances, warmth and light in a unique concept sauna.


You pass through the various elements water at 70°C, earth at 75°C, air at 80°C and finish the various infusions with the element fire at 85°C.

sauna temperature approx. 85°C
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Luonto – Ruhesauna

Let us take you to an infusion of different fragrance experiences and look at the reaction of the water. Meditative music - a mixture of different colour accents and sound bowls round off the feeling of relaxation.

sauna temperature approx. 85°C
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Lumikide - Das Erlebnis Schnee

Feel the benefits: deep breaths refresh the lungs, the cold air cools the body from head to toe. The winter environment pleases the eye, while a subtle scent creates a relaxing atmosphere. The gentle cold at -10° C and additional rubbing with dry snow strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

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More saunas

sauna temperature approx. 40°C
Steam Bath

Pleasantly scented, beneficial steam.

sauna temperature approx. 55°C
Bear hut

Changing colours and fruit scents.

sauna temperature approx. 70°C
Suola Sauna

Salt sauna with brine plant.

sauna temperature approx. 75°C
Löly Sauna

Soft, relaxing music and the fresh scent of lemons.

sauna temperature approx. 80°C
Hay Sauna

Healthy sauna infusion with the scent of hay.

sauna temperature approx. 95°C

Large sauna infusion with view of the sauna garden.

sauna temperature approx. 95°C
Log Cabin

Sauna infusion with splendid panoramic view.

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