Alkaline applications according to P. Jentschura

Alkaline, deacidifying and detoxifying body treatments based on P. Jentschura

Without knowing it, most people have too many acids and toxins in their body. These toxins and acids may cause all kinds of disorders and ultimately lead to diseases of civilisation.

So what do alkaline treatments do?

  • Neutralise acids on the skin
  • Stimulate the skin's natural elimination of acids and toxins
  • A speedier regeneration is also achieved by breaking down acids during challenging situations such as stress and sports
  • Improves the skin's silhouette

Alkaline weight and cellulite treatment

Weight problems can actually be problems with the elimination of waste that can be solved successfully and naturally. A scrub with alkaline salt and a special phyto extract cleanses the skin and opens the pores. This is followed by a cupping massage that eliminates the harmful substances via the lymph and skin. To finish with, an alkaline partial body wrap activates, firms and tautens. You will love the results!

Duration Price
90 min 99.00 €

Alkaline salt-and-oil scrub

Beat hyperacidity by restoring your body's acid-base balance. This treatment is a combination of scrub and massage. Warm, high quality, skin nourishing oil and alkaline mineral salt activate the metabolism and deacidify the body.

Duration Price
45 min 65.00 €

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