Dr. Babor – facial treatments

Visible results achieved cosmetically.

Gentle skin renewal

The perfect treatment for skin that is in need of regeneration, especially impure skin, acne, enlarged pores, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles or a dull and pallid complexion. First of all, a fruit acid peel is applied to effectively remove dead skin cells. A concentrate of active substances and finishing treatment with a high quality herbal complex allow your skin to breathe.

Duration Price
55 Min. 79,00 €

Effective Facelift

Just the thing for demanding skin with pronounced lines and a loss of elasticity. Intensive cleansing prepares the skin for the highly effective collagen ampoule followed by the collagen fleece to smooth and moisturise the skin. The modellage mask seals in the active substances that have penetrated the surface layer to plump up the skin.

Duration Price
60 Min. 95,00 €

Dr. Babor basic facial treatment

The treatment for highest demands starts with a warming cleansing preparing your skin optimally for the highly dosed ingredients. The 2-phase scrub makes your skin look visibly finer and more even. Skin-friendly active substance concentrates wraps as well as a nourishing massage round off the facial treatment.

Duration Price
60 Min. 92,00 €

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