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Sugaring and Depilation

Body Sugaring

Prices (may vary depending on the amount of effort involved!)

Service Price
Upper lip from 6.00 €
Forearms or upper arms from 20.00 €
Full arm from 31.00 €
Underarms from 20.00 €
Bikini zone classic from 26.00 €
Lower leg or upper leg from 26.00 €
Full leg from 48.00 €
Men chest from 32.00 €
Men back/including pack from 40.00 €

Special areas such as stomach, bottom, shoulders, nose, lumbar region or hands – prices on enquiry.

Hot wax hair removal – depilation

Prices (may vary depending on the amount of effort involved!)

Service Price
Upper lip from 5.00 €
Forearms or upper arms from 19.00 €
Full arm from 36.00 €
Underarms from 16.00 €
Bikini zone classic from 22.00 €
Lower leg or upper leg from 22.00 €
Full leg from 43.00 €
Men chest from 29.00 €
Men back/including pack from 25.00 €

What is body sugaring?

Body sugaring is a natural, soft, safe and innovative method for removing unwanted hair from anywhere on the body, including the face. It works for any skin type and hair texture. With this method, the hair grows back finer with every treatment, and in some cases it is even possible to achieve permanent removal. These results can be achieved with hair that is as short as 5 mm or less.


The hair is pulled out of its follicle in the direction of growth using a paste made from sugar, water and lemon. The sugar paste penetrates the follicle cavity and surrounds the hair at the lowest point of the hair shaft so even very short hairs can be successfully removed.

the advantages of sugaring as a hair removal method

  • Hair removal is thorough; even very short hairs are completely removed
  • Less painful than conventional methods 
  • No hairs are broken 
  • Long-lasting results after a treatment 
  • Clients with neurodermatitis or psoriasis can be treated, which improves the appearance of their skin 
  • Can be used to treat stubborn facial hair in women

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