Tag der Sauna

Tag der Sauna (Sauna Day) is being celebrated across Germany for the tenth time. We're there again this year and will take you on a journey through various rituals from all over the world: from the classic steam bath rituals and banya to ancient Egyptian and ancient shamanic rituals. Various infusions invite you to relax and linger and offer a holistic experience that brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

Infusion plan

Sunday, 24.09.


11.00 Fresh kick
13.00 Defense fit
16.00 Travel to the Orient
17.00 Herbal midsummer
18.00 Mountain air
19.00 Travel through France
21.00 Energy mix
22.00 Time to sleep


12.00 Day at the sea
14.00 Clean air
16.00 Scent trip Italy
18.00 Mind balance
19.00 Finnish tar infusion
21.00 Fresh kick


11.00 Smoking ritual Odin's teachings
12.30 Smoking ritual Odin's teachings
14.30 Banya- energy source
16.30 Banya- energy source
18.30 Banya- energy source
20.30 Banya- energy source


15.30 Temazcal ceremony
18.30 Temazcal ceremony

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